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INVEST Fellowship Programme

INVEST Fellowship Programme Spring 2023 Call is open 3.4.–7.5.2023

What is an INVEST fellowship?

INVEST fellowships are 1-3 (or up to 6) months visits to the flagship to collaborate with our researchers and projects organised under the research themes. Fellowships are primarily targeted to researcher from post-doctoral studies onwards who want to visit the flagship. However, the call is also open to doctoral researchers. Before applying, please email the INVEST-PI or Co-PI (listed in the application form) who would host you to let them know you are applying to join their team.

INVEST will cover the travel expenses of the visiting researcher (one trip) and provide 2000 euros/month grant to cover housing and other costs. Any additional costs need to be agreed with INVEST.

INVEST welcomes applications from all countries. The preferred time of the visit is spring 2024.

INVEST Fellowship Programme Spring 2023 is open 3.4.–7.5.2023

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USA co-operation programme

For scholars from the USA, we have a cooperation programme in the fields of Welfare State and Inequalities. Within this programme INVEST can cover fellowship visits for research cooperation with the same conditions as the INVEST Fellowship. The visits from USA are recommended to be 1 – 3 months (less than 90 days).

INVEST USA Co-operation Programme Spring 2023 Call is open 3.4.–1.5.2023

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USA co-operation programme available also for PhD candidates

In the USA co-operation programme, also PhD candidates can apply. For PhD candidates, INVEST will cover travel expenses and provide 2000 euros/month grant to cover housing and other costs. Any additional costs need to be agreed with INVEST.

Applying PhD candidates should contact the head of the DPINVEST doctoral programme Sanni Kotimäki (sanni.kotimaki@utu.fi) before applying. In addition, please email the INVEST-PI who would host you to let them know you are applying to join their team. PI’s are listed in the application form.

INVEST USA Co-operation Programme call is open 3.4.–1.5.2023

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The Inequalities, Interventions, and New Welfare State (INVEST) aims at increasing wellbeing of Finnish society during childhood, youth and early adulthood and preventing psychosocial risks compromising such development through innovative interventions. INVEST will provide a new model for the welfare states that is more equal, better targeted to problem groups, more anticipatory as well as economically and socially sustainable. INVEST is an Academy of Finland Flagship and a Joint Research Center.

Experiences of a fellow

José David Moreno

Assistant Professor José David Moreno visited INVEST in spring 2022:

“The core of my research is focused on the eye-tracking methodology applied to the scientific study of reading.

During the development of my doctoral thesis, I carried out a three months’ research stay in 2017 at the Turku Eye-Tracking Laboratories of the University of Turku under the tutelage of Dr. Johanna Kaakinen and Dr. Jukka Hyönä. Our collaboration has been extremely fruitful since that, and after finishing my PhD, we planned new collaborative research projects.

Thanks to the INVEST fellowship programme I was able to visit Dr. Kaakinen and Dr. Hyönä for a month to strengthen our collaboration and to work in our new research project, focused on how personal stance and the presentation format of the information influence allocation of attention, epistemic emotions, and subsequent memory for the information presented in social media discussions. We found very interesting results which encouraged us to keep working in this research line. As always, my personal experience couldn’t be better, and I had a great time with the people of the Turku Eye-Tracking Laboratories. They always make me feel at home.

I am very thankful to the fellowship programme for the opportunity, and I am looking forward to visiting the INVEST team again as soon as possible.”



Giulio D'Urso takanaan syskyinen merimaisema ja auringonlasku horisontissa.

Postdoctoral Researcher Giulio D’Urso visited INVEST in 2021:

“The core of my studies investigates the risk and protective factors related to school-bullying and victimization, and the consequences during life span from a longitudinal perspective.

My studies want to help in the creation and revision of public policies and good school-practises considering all actors within the educational system, and the social and emotional well-being of children and adolescents to prevent bullying and victimization.

Thanks to INVEST fellowship I had the opportunity not only to meet Christina Salmivalli and her wonderful research team, but to work with her for four months in a study on the consequences of victimization, with the collaboration of Jaana Juvonen from UCLA. I couldn’t have wished for better. 

I met fantastic people with whom I spent a memorable time, filled with formative moments both on a professional level and on a human level.  It felt like I had always been there, and leaving them all was tough. 

All of them have been an inspiration for my current and future research.

I hope to be able to visit INVEST group again as soon as possible.”



Professor Dagmar Strohmeier visited INVEST in 2020:

“The core of my research centres on the question, what schools can do to realise fair life-changes to all young people, including immigrants and refugees in particular. My mission is highly related with the question of how a future welfare state ideally could look like.

Thanks to the INVEST fellowship programme I was able to visit Christina Salmivalli’s research group for two months. The highlights of my stay were the Lapland research retreat, the inspiring discussions during the weekly online research seminars and the personal meetings I had in Turku and Helsinki.

My future aspirations are to stay in touch with INVEST and come back soon!”