OSCI Open Science Community INVEST

Who are we?

The INVEST Open Science community provides a place for both newcomers and experienced peers to interact and to inspire each other to adopt Open Science practices in their workflows.


Open Science offers a large set of practices that researchers can use to increase the transparency, reproducibility, and openness of their research. The most common practices include pre-registration, openly sharing publications, syntaxes and data, and encouraging replication. Given that these practices make research output more accessible, efficient, and impactful, it is of vital importance that researchers integrate these practices into their work and build their repertoire of open science skills over time. The Open Science Community was found in October 2022 by Lydia Laninga-Wijnen and Erika Lilja, because their vision is that science can and should be more transparent, reliable, and inclusive. Open Science provides the tools to put this into practice, and an open science community helps us to learn about these tools and to grow in applying them.


Our Mission is to make Open Science the norm in INVEST. The INVEST Open Science Community aims to promote knowledge exchange regarding Open Science among colleagues. Also, the community provides a place for both newcomers and experienced peers to interact and to inspire each other to adopt Open Science practices in their workflows, as well as to provide input on Open Science policies, infrastructure, and support services. Lastly, the community provides possibilities for opening up collaborations between academics and societal stakeholders to meet, inspire, and co-create.

Community Coordinators

Lydia Laninga-Wijnen, Senior Research Fellow
Expertise: Pre-registration, registered reports, publishing open access

Erika Lilja, Flagship Manager, Researcher
Expertise: Science policy, OS policy implementation, research impact, societal interaction

Contact us: investosci@utu.fi

INVEST Open Science Ambassadors

Sarah Malamut, Senior Researcher
Expertise: Pre-registration, publishing data packages (i.e., data and analytic code), open access publishing, passion for high-quality replicable research

OSCI members

Outi Sarpila
Christina Salmivalli
Jessica Trach
Jessica Nisén
Juuso Repo
Markus Laaninen
Tiina Turunen
Oskari Lahtinen
Jake McMullen
Michelle Larva
Claire Garandeau
Dagmar Strohmeier
Mikko Leino
Katariina Kulha
Yuko Mori
Essi-Lotta Tenhunen
Daniela Chavez
Alena Artamonova

and growing…

Join the INVEST Open Science Community

We warmly welcome new members to join our community.

The community uses Slack as a discussion platform. All members will be added to the Slack platform to #investoscu channel.

Register as a member via the registration form.

Become an Open Science Ambassador

The INVEST Open Science Ambassadors are the way to take Open Science forward, providing institutional leadership for Open Science. The OS Ambassador acts as an advocate for Open Science at the research centre and ecosystem level and a trusted advisor, who takes care of the concerns of the INVEST community – researchers, staff, students – considering the difference between the disciplines and urging for flexibility since one size does not fit all.

The INVEST Open Science Community Coordinators will gather the INVEST OS Ambassadors to act as a forum

  • for the exchange of ideas and identification of best practices – drawing on the detailed knowledge and insight of the INVEST thematic research groups,
  • for collaboration between INVEST members to identify possible ways forward – which they are free to choose or otherwise,
  • to address new themes that rise and which require support and joint action.

Apply for an INVEST Open Science Ambassador status via the application form. We will contact you after we have evaluated your application.