INVEST seminars and lectures

The research themes of INVEST course focuses on the multidisciplinary dimension of the INVEST project and utilises its leading experts in the fields of social sciences and beyond to achieve these goals. The objectives of the course are to introduce the topics, themes, methods and subprojects of the INVEST flagship project and to provide abroad understanding of the different approaches to inequality in the social sciences. After the seminars the students should have some ideas about how to construct and implement targeted interventions in tackling inequality.

INVEST research themes spring 2021

18.01.2021: Research on intergenerational inequalities: current issues and future developments
by Jani Erola

25.01.2021: : Evolutionary social science approach to kin relations 
by Mirkka  Danielsbacka

01.02.2021: Basic income: employment and well-being – evidence from the Finnish Basic Income experiment
by Olli Kangas

08.02.2021: Partnership and fertility dynamics and social inequalities
by Marika Jalovaara

15.02.2021: Economic burden of health care and medicines on households
by Katri Aaltonen

01.03.2021: Children of immigrants, language and integration
by Elina Kilpi-Jakonen

08.03.2021: Social Security Reform
by Pasi Moisio

22.03.2021: Marjo Kurki: Early childhood disruptive behaviour and parental interventions;  Terhi Luntamo: Childhood anxiety and  school-age intervention; Hanna-Maria Matinolli: Early intervention during antenatal period

29.03.2021: Predicting long-term effects of policy reforms on life trajectories: How parental leave reforms shape parents’ work‒family life course?
by Satu Helske

12.04.2021: Peer relations research in INVEST psychology
by Christina Salmivalli

19.04.2021: The Age-Period-Cohort approach and social change
by Esa Karonen and Antti Kähäri

Past seminars

INVEST research themes spring 2020

Why should we be interested in Intergenerational Inequality? (14.02.2020)
by Jani Erola

Falling fertility and the inequalities involved (18.02.2020)
by Marika Jalovaara

Early interventions in child mental health (25.02.2020)
by Andre Sourander

Reforming future social security (03.03.2020)
by Pasi Moisio

Kiva anti-bullying program: randomized controlled trial and scale-up in Finnish schools (11.03.2020)
by Christina Salmivalli

Research on social and economic inequality (17.03.2020)
by Mikko Niemelä

The beauty of making field experiments – difficult encounters between researchers and politicians (31.03.2020)
by Olli Kangas


INVEST research themes autumn 2019

Research impact in INVEST (28.10.2019)
by Maria Maunula

Ethnically mixed partnerships in Finland (08.11.2019)
by Leen Rahnu (Tallinn University)

Introduction to genetic and environmental influences in shaping individuals’ lives (22.11.2019)
by Lucy Bowes (Oxford University) and Ada Johansson (Åbo akademi)

Intergenerational transmission of social disadvantages and possible (non-material) contributory and protective factors (05.12.2019)
by Johanna Kallio

Socioeconomic background and gene-environment interplay in social stratification across the early life course (20.12.2019)
by Hannu Lehti