Welfare Research and Innovation Ecosystem

The INVEST ecosystem brings together the efforts of over 200 researchers and advances cross-disciplinary research. It forms an international collaboration platform that connects researchers, teachers, public organisations, third sector organisations, companies, students, families and other citizens that work with us in our mission to increase the wellbeing of the Finnish society during childhood, youth and early adulthood.

INVEST research themes and hubs

The INVEST ecosystem can be harnessed to solve welfare state and public sector problems and provide greater insights to governments as they form policy. It is involved in large-scale policy reforms, such as the Social Security Committee, and our expertise in social and educational policy is highly recognized. The strong linkages of the ecosystem including the host organisations, public administrative and civil society actors enable proactive feeding of scientific knowledge into the policy making processes.

We invite researchers, HEI teachers, third sector organisations and companies and practititioners, who work with children, adolescents and young adults to join our ecosystem.

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