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Welfare Research and Innovation Ecosystem

The research area of the INVEST Flagship covers the study fields of sociology, social policy, psychology and child psychiatry at the University of Turku and the Finnish institute for health and welfare. The INVEST ecosystem brings together the efforts of 200 researchers and advances cross-disciplinary research. We also engage public organisations, third sector organisations, companies, families and adolescents to our operations, thus fostering also transdisciplinary approaches.

INVEST research is organised around three overlapping stages: 1) we identify the current and emerging social inequalities leading to gaps in wellbeing and skill development of the children and youth in different family and other social environments; 2) we study of the role of welfares state and other social institutions in not only compensating, but sometimes also creating or magnifying such gaps; and 3) we design, test and implement universal and targeted, evidence-based interventions in order to fill those gaps. In particular, our research has focuses on disadvantages and negative transitions during the early life-course.

Currently, we have 40 on-going projects and our research groups are directed by 23 principal investigators.

Our Thematic Research Areas:

INVEST Sociology

INVEST Psychology

INVEST Social Policy

INVEST Child Psychiatry

Our welfare ecosystem enables us to collaborate and interact efficiently with the key stakeholder organisations, policy makers and various practitioners that work with us in our mission. The transdisciplinary approach works towards the desired short- and mid-term societal outcomes and long-term societal impacts through various pathways and means. Currently, we collaborate with various research organisations, 15 companies and 22 public administrative and 23 civil society actors. In addition to these, we collaborate with 916 Finnish schools and over 100 municipalities.

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