INVEST Data Infrastructures

INVEST improves the use of unique data and develops novel research datasets that will take research to an entirely new level. INVEST has its own data infrastructures including services for research data management specifically tailored for the INVEST researchers and teams.

Excellent, globally unique data sources and novel data infrastructure are the backbone of the world-class research that is being conducted in INVEST. Our researchers use different types of administrative register based datasets, typically covering entire population since 1970 census; survey-based nation-wide datasets on children and youth collected as a part of  KiVa® antibullying program and Opintokamu®; and cohort studies collected by the unit of child psychiatry since 1980s. Currently, we are developing novel linked datasets.

Our new research infrastructures are InReg and INVESTHub. InReg develops and compiles new register datasets, takes care of the authorization and user permission processing, updates the existing data sources and is in charge of the internal standardization and metadata recording. INVESTHub uses experimental and quasi-experimental methods to evaluate the effectiveness of interventions.

Data catalog

The data catalog of the INVEST is available to all INVEST research teams. The catalog contains descriptions of the variables of the data involved in INVEST, as well as general information about the data. The catalog contains, for example, detailed information on individual variables, the contact persons of the data, and information about the rights to use the data.

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For more information, please contact Simo Arhippainen.

Remote access environment, version control and GitHub

So far, the site’s offering includes tailored guidelines for

Other services

Links to the University of Turku’s data policy and data management services

National guidelines and services for data management

INVEST’s data group is also involved in the research data lifecycle and research data management training package (UGSL0001 Basics of Research Data Management, 3 ECTS), which is available to all doctoral programs and postdoctoral researchers at the University of Turku.