Evelutionary Perspectives Course 2022

All lectures will be held in PUB4 seminar room in Publicum unless otherwise mentioned

4th April at 14-16:
Introduction to evolutionary theories
Jenni Pettay, University of Turku

6th April at 12-14:
Incest aversion
Jan Antfolk, Åbo Akademi University

11th April at 14-16:
Evolutionary perspectives to how early conditions affect our later life
Virpi Lummaa, University of Turku

13 April at 12-14:
Undoing insularity: a talk on gender sociology’s big problem
Charlotta Stern, Stockholm University

20th April at 12-14:
Cooperation and prosociality in non-human (and human) primates
Sonja Koski, University of Helsinki

25th April at 14-16:
Pair bonds in high-income societies from a Darwinian perspective
Anna Rotkirch, Population Research Institute

27th April at 12-14:
Evolutionary and genetic perspectives on intelligence
Markus Jokela, University of Helsinki

2nd May at 16-18 (online):
The evolution of vulnerability
David Geary, University of Missouri
The link will be available WHEN AND WHERE?

4th May at 12-14:
The gender equality paradox
Marco Balducci, University of Turku

9th May at 14-16:
Modularity theory and emotions
Michael Laakasuo, University of Helsinki

11th May at 12-14:
Gene-environment interplay + wrap up discussion
Jani Erola, University of Turku

Lectures are open to all interested. Welcome!

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