Prenatal epidemiology and mental disorders: Recent findings

26.05.2021 09:00 - 16:00


Research Centre for Child Psychiatry and INVEST Flagship Research Centre, University of Turku, arrange a seminar on recent prenatal epidemiology findings.

Date: 26th of May 9 – 16 (UTC+3)

Target: Researchers, PhD students, residents in psychiatric Fields, anyone interested

Preliminary programme

9.00 Opening and introduction by professor Andre Sourander

9.30  Minna Sucksdorff: Prenatal risk factors of ADHD

10.00 Bianca Arrhenius: Smoking during pregnancy and learning and coordination disorders in offspring: findings from case-control and case-sibling comparisons

10.30 Subina Upadhyaya: Overview of maternal vitamin D and ASD

11.00  Discussion

11.30-12.30 Lunch

12.30 Sanju Silwal: Mental health symptoms in children after the 2014 Ukraine war

13.00 Tiia Ståhlberg: Prenatal risk factors for anxiety disorders among children and adolescents

13.30 Saara Nolvi: Prenatal stress and child self-regulation development – the newborn neural structural mediators

14.00 Discussion and break

14.15 David Gyllenberg: Data-driven identification of schizophrenia risk factors and their interactions

14.45-16.00 Dr. Alan S. Brown, Columbia University, USA


Registration here. Participation link will be sent to the registered participants before the seminar.


Admission free.



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For additional information, please contact Altti Marjamäki.