Workshop: Sibling Fixed Effects, part 2

14.10.2021 10:00 - 13:00

This workshop provides an introduction to fixed effects models with a focus on sibling fixed effects. In these models, one sibling serves as the control for another sibling. By these means, sibling fixed effects models control for unobserved variables that are shared among siblings. The workshop is structured into three parts. The first part discusses the central ideas motivating sibling fixed effects models and how they relate to individual fixed effects models.

This introduction requires no prior knowledge of fixed effects models. The second part of the workshop provides practical exercises using Stata, allowing participants to implement and interpret these (sibling and other) fixed effects models themselves. The third and final part of the workshop uses some published studies using sibling fixed effects models as examples of how the approach can actually be implemented. This part also discusses the assumptions underlying sibling fixed effects models, their limitations, and the critiques which have emerged against them.

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