Héctor Bahamonde

Great opportunities to move my research forward

Héctor Bahamonde, Senior Researcher

After teaching in the United States and Chile, I moved to Turku because the University of Turku offered me so many great opportunities to move my research forward. Not only that, the University and the City of Turku offer a great work-life balance.

Both of my children attend childcare. The process of enrolling them was very simple and affordable (compared to the other places I’ve lived in). Also, I bike to work every day. Though I live 10 kilometers away from campus, thanks to the bike lanes that connect the city in a very efficient way, it takes me very little time to get from one point to another. Besides being my mean of transportation, it is also a great way to exercise. Culturally, bikes are very much embedded in the Finnish way of life, and I’ve been very happy adopting it.