André Sourander in a playground

Professor of Child Psychiatry André Sourander received the TYKS Foundation Award

André Sourander, Professor of Child Psychiatry at the University of Turku, Founder and Director of the Child Psychiatry Research Center, has received the TYKS Foundation Award for merit in pioneering and successful research in children’s mental health disorders.

Representatives of the TYKS Foundation, Chairman Risto Laalo and Executive Director Olli Ruuskanen presented the award to Professor André Sourander on 16 June 2020.

– Children’s mental health disorders are an important research area humanely and relative to public health. Professor Sourander and his research group have done meritorious basic research in the field. Based on the research results, low-threshold digital services have been unprejudicedly built. These services have been used to develop parental guidance. According to studies the development of parenting skills play an important role in preventing the development of children’s mental health disorders into adult mental health problems, summarizes Olli Ruuskanen, Executive Director of the TYKS Foundation, Professor Emeritus of Infectious Diseases and Specialist in Pediatrics.

The TYKS Foundation is a non-profit foundation established by the Hospital District of Southwest Finland. The foundation is the only one of its kind in Finland, it supports medical and nursing science research at Turku University Hospital and the Hospital District of Southwest Finland by allocating a total of approximately 100,000 euros in work and travel grants each year.

Every five years, the Foundation awards a recognition prize of EUR 15,000 to a distinguished medical or nursing science researcher. Previous recognition awards have been given to Professor of Internal Medicine Jorma Viikari and Professor of Pediatrics Olli Simelli. The foundation currently provides workspaces for 19 researchers.

Photos: Turku University hospital/Communications