Profile picture of Pauline Norris.

Visiting INVEST: Pauline Norris

In the “INVEST visitors” series, we present visiting professors and fellows who have arrived at the flagship INVEST. This time we are introducing professor Pauline Norris, who joined INVEST April 2024 and will stay with us until 15 June.

I’m Pauline Norris, I have two roles: I am a Research Professor at the University of Otago and also Research Advisor for Turanga Health, a Māori health provider. At the University of Otago I now work in the Centre for Pacific Health, and previously I was Professor of Social Pharmacy in the School of Pharmacy.

I am a sociologist and most of my research is about access to medicines and how people use medicines. I am particularly interested in ethnic and other inequities in access to medicines. Most of my research is inter-disciplinary and I use a variety of both qualitative and quantitative methods.


I was really attracted by the interdisciplinary nature of the work done at INVEST and also the use of experimental approaches. I recently led a randomized controlled trial of prescription co-payments, that had a clear impact on government policy, and I now want to do more of this kind of study. Also, I spent about 6 months in Turku in 1993, and loved it, so I am very happy to be back.


Talking with INVEST researchers about projects that I am developing and discussing possibilities for collaboration. New Zealand now has associate membership of the EU for the Horizon funding programme, so I am particularly keen to discuss possibilities for collaborating to apply for EU funding.