Inviting poster to the makeathon.

EC2U Makeathon ‘Re-invent the Future’ invites students and researchers to re-invent the future 6–7 May

The University of Turku is organising the EC2U Alliance Makeathon ‘Re-invent the Future’ with six European universities. INVEST Research Flagship has contributed to the conceptualisation of the event. Two of four challenges are proposed by INVEST. The EC2U Makeathon will take place from 6 to 7 May 2024 in Entrepreneurial Hub Konttori (Hämeenkatu 9) and online as a virtual event.

EC2U Makeathon is a hybrid event consisting of simultaneous events held in 7 European university cities as well as a European wide virtual event.

EC2U Makeathon brings participants together to collaborate in teams to address current societal challenges within a period of 24 hours. It is also a competition, and a panel of judges will award teams presenting the most innovative solution proposals. The event is intended for students, but researchers and other University staff are welcome to join.

Participants can register to solve local Turku challenges or virtual European challenges. Two of local challenges is created in INVEST Research Flagship Centre.

One of the INVEST tasks INVEST challenges participants to come up with practical and feasible solutions to ensure that young people leaving primary school in different regions have equal access to the secondary education they want. Education must also provide sufficient opportunities to cope with life in the future and give good and equal opportunities to enter tertiary education. The other one asks what societal measures could be taken to reduce loneliness? Loneliness is both a personal and a societal problem because it is linked, for example, to bullying, alcoholism, health and mental health issues, as well as work-related stress.

European challenges are within the following themes: