Pieni lapsi hymyilee innostuneen näköisenä. Kuvassa teksti successful funding decisions

INVEST received funding from HORIZON

INVEST received a funding of over 3 million euros from the Horizon Europe Framework Programme for the project Mapping inequalities through the life course (MapIneq). The project studies the trends and drivers of intergenerational, educational, labour market and health inequalities over the life course during the last decades.

The review panel of the call stated, that the strategy to study the linkages between inequality of opportunities and outcomes over different life stages is novel and very effective.
– We got top points from our ambitious research agenda as well as from the impact and implementation plans, says Professor Jani Erola. – This is in line with the cutting-edge research INVEST is all about, he continues.

The partners in the MapIneq are The University of Turku, Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin, Tallinn University, University of Oxford, Universidad Nacional de Education Distancia and Stockholms Universitet.

Link to the call