Hugh Doogan, CEO, Archways with colleagues Paul Johnston and Eimear Collins.

KiVa is expanding in Ireland

We are pleased to announce our new collaboration with Archways in Ireland.

Archways, established in 2007, is a national organisation, based in Dublin, which works in collaboration with local and national agencies to research, develop and promote evidence-based and evidence-informed programmes for children, young people, parents and the professionals that support them. They provide a range of successful programmes across Ireland and Northern Ireland. Their programmes begin with antenatal supports, and they provide a series of interventions for young people under the age of 18 years and their families that seek to address both the universal and specific needs of that cohort.

The Archways Vision is to work towards an Ireland where children and families experiencing challenges have the capacity to create lasting positive change in their lives, with access to timely, high-quality support programmes.’ Archways believe that the earliest intervention gives the best results and is the most cost-effective approach.

–We are delighted to have secured an agreement to deliver the KiVa Anti-Bullying Programme across thirty counties (all except Louth and Monaghan) on the island of Ireland. This has been made possible by the ongoing support of our educational partner  basis.point. We look forward to commencing implementation in the 2023/24 academic year, initially in Meath and Kildare, says Hugh Doogan, CEO of Archways.

–Thanks to this partnership, all schools in Ireland will have the possibility to implement the program starting from September 2023. In addition to England, Scotland, Wales and the counties of Louth and Monaghan in Ireland, KiVa now becomes available to more schools across Ireland and the UK, says Anna Murgo, Deputy International Program Manager.

In the picture: Hugh Doogan (right), CEO, Archways with colleagues Paul Johnston and Eimear Collins who will be implementing the KiVa Anti-Bullying Programme.

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