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NetResilience research consortium is recruiting talented Postdoctoral researchers

Social networks, fertility and wellbeing in ageing populations (NetResilience) consortium, funded by The Strategic Research Council (SRC), investigates how social networks vary between regions and demographic groups and over time, and how they affect fertility, active ageing, individual wellbeing, and demographic resilience. Project uses register, panel, and survey datasets which are analyzed with versatile quantitative methods and network methodology.

The project is led by Antti O. Tanskanen (University of Turku). The partners of consortium are Family Federation of Finland, Aalto University and University of Helsinki. There are five working packages which are focused on fields such as sociology, demography, ecology and computer sciences. All five working packages will recruit researchers. There are 1-5 postdoctoral positions open in University of Turku.

Please have a look of all the open positions here.

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