Pasi Moisio, kuvituskuva

Pasi Moisio joins the High-Level Group on the Future of Social Protection and of the Welfare State in the EU

Research Professor Pasi Moisio has been nominated as a member of the High-Level Group on the Future of Social Protection and of the Welfare State in the EU, an experts’ group recently set up by the European Commission. The High-level Group is aiming to make social protection systems and the welfare state fit for the future, particularly in light of mega trends such as demographic changes, transformations on the labour market, globalisation, and the emergence of new risks.

Moisio is a Research Professor at the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare in Helsinki. He is leading the THL research group in INVEST Flagship that aims at providing a new model for the welfare states. Moisio has also extensive experience as a policy expert for the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and the Prime Minister’s Office.

Moisio’s field of research is poverty and economic inequality, policy evaluations and the welfare state institutions.

– Currently I lead research projects that study changes in the operating environment of the welfare state , evaluate policy options for reforming the welfare state, and develop distributional impact assessment with tax-benefit microsimulation models, Moisio explains.

INVEST flagship is also leading the academic development work of the national tax-benefit microsimulation model (SISU) and leading the work for utilizing the EUROMOD tax-benefit model for policy evaluations in Finland.

– My research team also developed the minimum reference budget poverty indicator that is used in the mandatory evaluation of the adequacy of social security in Finland, says Moisio

Moisio is currently chairing the Parliamentary Social Security Committee that aims to renew social security in Finland. – The task of the High-level Group is very similar to that of the Social Security Committee, and I see these two providing me a unique perspective and opportunity to give my contribution to the shaping of both national social security systems as well as the vision of future EU welfare states.

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