Arriving to Educarium

The conference venue Educarium (University of Turku) is located at Assistentinkatu 7, Turku.

An easy way to get to Educarium is to take a bus or have a nice walk. You can also use the Turku city bikes from the city centre.

Map of Turku.

Local traffic in Turku

Taxi services

To call a taxi in Turku, please dial +358 2 10041 (Taxidata).

Arriving to Turku

Turku is located on the south-western coast of Finland, 160 km away from Helsinki and Tampere. You can reach Turku by air, sea, road and rail.

Flight Connections

You can choose from direct flight options from Stockholm, Riga, Gdansk and Rome, or pick a convenient connection with SAS via their Stockholm hub or with airBaltic via their Riga hub. The flight times to most Western European capitals take ca. 4 hours including the stopover. It is fast and easy to fly from compact sized Turku airport, which is located 8 km or 25 min public bus ride away from the city center. A taxi ride to the center of Turku will cost around 20 euros. All taxis accept credit/debit cards.

More flight connections are also available from Helsinki-Vantaa airport, located 170 km or ca. 2,5 hours bus ride from Turku.

Also, Tampere Pirkkala airport, which is 160 km away, can be reached with airBaltic and Ryanair flights.

Flight connections to Finland.

Ferry connections from Germany, Sweden, Estonia and Archipelago

Both boats from Stockholm to Turku or from Tallin to Helsinki are affordable and nice experiences.

Train & Bus connections to Turku

Train from Helsinki: please choose Kupittaa (Turku) as destination and vice versa. Trains between Helsinki and Turku do not run to Turku central railway station, but will terminate and depart at Kupittaa station instead due to track work.

Train from other cities than Helsinki (e.g. Tampere): please choose Turku (the central railway station) as the destination and vice versa.

Connection to Turku from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport

Connection to Turku from Helsinki city centre or other cities


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