Sociogenomics days

07.05.2024 11:00

Time: Tuesday May the 7th starting with a lunch together at 11.00. 
Place: Publicum (Assistentinkatu 7, Turku), room 469

THL sociogenomics will organis a meeting for all researchers who have pre-registered a study using polygenic scores (PGS) and INVEST data. Researchers who are considering utilizing genetic information in their future studies are also very welcome to attend.

Session 1 from 1200 to 1400

  1. Henri Salokangas & Henrik Dobewall presenting the current stage of the INVEST, the rules for using INVEST data and an overview of pre-registered studies
  2. Researchers presenting their study ideas for about 10 minutes each including discussion to tell what they need from us and get feedback
  3. Abdel Abdellaoui gives his comments on the planned studies in INVEST in relation to ongoing research in the field and open questions for full population data

Session 2 from 1430 to 1615

  1. Henrik Dobewall presenting future steps to update the PGS and methods
  2. Charles Ng’iendo presenting the weights built for INVEST
  3. More presentations and open discussion

Please contact to register by 25 April or for further information. When registering indicate if you want to present your own study ideas and a short title.