Sven De Maeyer: Introductory lectures and workshop sessions, focusing on doing “bayesian linear mixture modeling” with R

07.06.2024 09:00 - 14.06.2024 14:00


  • Friday June 7th, at 9-11: Introduction to bayesian statistics
  • Monday June 10th, at 10-12: Thinking about priors, applying bayesian thinking to linear mixed models (brms)
  • Wednesday June 12th, at 10-12: Continue with priors and fitting models with brms
  • Friday June 14th, at10-12: Reporting your results, graphs

Place: Pub209, Sessions are also streamed online, please use this link

INVEST visiting professor Sven De Maeyer from the University of Antwerp will share his knowledge about using Bayesian statistics to answer research questions on learning and human behavior in general. He will give introductory lectures and workshop sessions, focusing on doing “bayesian linear mixture modeling” with R. You’re welcome to follow one, some, or all of his lectures / workshop sessions!